Telematic Dreaming (1992)

In Telematic Dreaming (1992) Paul Sermon attempted to create an intimate telematic space where people in two distant locations, were able to meet. Bed is the physical stage and a prompt for intimate encounter which simultaneously takes place at each end yet somewhere else alltogether.

The work, originally inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s essay The Ecstasy of Communication, references another Baudrilliard’s essay where he says that ‘there is no such thing (…) as a replacement for human pleasure, or for the pleasure of being human.’  Indeed, the ability to feel pleasure (and pain) is perhaps the strongest in how we differ from the machines who now can think like us and can extend us. The challenge in the work is for the human to expand intimate sensations to the virtual space where the other body is not physically close and it is through some contemplation that its virtuality can be sensed. Yet, it seems that the challenge is for a machine too. Could it be that it can be stopped from creating a copy of itself through producing the ‘celibacy of a Telecomputer Men’?




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